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These securities are from our Internet Wealth Builder recommended list.

Walt Disney Corporation HOLD Oct, 2014 at 142% profit
Stantec Inc. HOLD Oct, 2014 at 254% profit
Riocan REIT HOLD Aug, 2014 at 150% profit
Athabasca Minerals HOLD Aug, 2014 at 370% profit
Parex Resources HOLD Aug, 2014 at 161% profit
CN Rail HOLD Jul, 2014 at 470% profit
Exco Technologies Ltd. HOLD Jul, 2014 at 165% profit
Enghouse Systems HOLD Jun, 2014 at 287% profit
Constellation Software HOLD May, 2014 at 152% profit
L Brands HOLD Mar, 2014 at 133% profit
Equitable Group HOLD Mar, 2014 at 174% profit
Coastal Contacts HOLD Mar, 2014 at 161% profit
Flowserve Corp. SOLD Jan, 2014 at 283% profit
General Electric HOLD Nov, 2013 at 108% profit
Boyd Group Income Fund HOLD Sep, 2013 at 373% profit
Fortress Paper SOLD May, 2012 at 158% profit

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