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One of Canada's most respected financial authors and the nation's leading expert on mutual funds, Gordon Pape is the editor and publisher of the Internet Wealth Builder (IWB), The Income Investor, and Mutual Funds Update. His best-selling books include 6 Steps to $1 Million, Get Control of Your Money, Retiring Wealthy in the 21st Century, and his most recent book, Quizmas: Christmas Trivia Family Fun. He is a columnist for Fifty-Plus magazine, The Fund Library, and GlobeinvestorGOLD.com and is a frequent guest on radio and television programs across Canada.


The founder and president of the highly-successful ABC Funds, Irwin Michael is a deep value investor who searches the stock markets of Canada and the United States for genuine bargains. His selections are well-suited for long-term investors who prefer lower risk securities and are willing to be patient to achieve above-average gains. His acumen is proven by the results of his ABC Fully-Managed Fund and ABC Fundamental-Value Fund, both of which are among the top performers in their categories over the past decade. Mr. Michael is the architect of the IWB Value Portfolio and his columns appear monthly in the Internet Wealth Builder.


Tom Slee has had a long and distinguished career in the financial field. He spent many years in the insurance business managing pension money, with an emphasis on fixed-income securities. Prior to retiring, he held a senior position at Revenue Canada (now the Canada Revenue Agency) for several years, so he is an authority in tax matters as well as securities. Tom holds a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation. Some readers will recognize him from the columns he wrote in Investors Digest for years under the pen name “Exchequer”. Tom is a contributing editor to both the Internet Wealth Builder and The Income Investor.


Glenn Rogers is president of Vision Entertainment in Irvine, California. He has held many senior positions in the publishing industry in both Canada and the U.S. and is a knowledgeable investor who monitors stock markets carefully. He was a contributing editor to the Internet Wealth Builder from 2001 to 2003 and now writes occasional articles as a guest columnist.

Gavin Graham is Vice-President, Director of Investments Guardian Group of Funds (GGOF) and is a contributing editor to The Income Investor. His qualifications include an MA in Modern History and membership in the Hong Kong Institute of Investment Analysts. Gavin managed investments for many years in the U.K., the U.S. and Hong Kong prior to joining GGOF in 1999. Mr. Graham is a regular market commentator, who appears frequently in The Globe and Mail and National Post as well as ROB-TV?s ?Marketcall?.

Ryan Irvine is President of KeyStone Financial Publishing Corp., a registered financial advisor. A unique research firm, KeyStone Financial has a 10-year track record of successfully uncovering undervalued growth and value stocks: real companies, producing real revenue and earnings growth, trading at low prices. Utilizing a "GARP" or growth at a reasonable price approach, KeyStone specializes in uncovering, before the broader market, under-followed small- to mid-sized companies that are financially sound and poised for strong growth. Mr. Irvine obtained his BBA (finance) from Simon Fraser University. Mr. Irvine is frequently quoted in respected publications, including the National Post, Calgary Herald, Toronto Metro, & Investor's Digest of Canada, and makes regular appearances on CKNW's Money Talks with Michael Campbell, CBC Radio, ROBTV, as well as headline speaking engagements at several national conferences, including the World Money Show and World Outlook conferences.

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