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Internet Wealth Builder - Monthly
Author(s): Gordon Pape and team

Here's your chance to try Canada's top financial newsletter without making a big up-front commitment. The Internet Wealth Builder (IWB) is now available on a monthly membership basis for only $15.95 plus tax.

This is the newsletter that warned its readers of the stock market collapse as far back as June 2008 when it carried a front-page column by editor Gordon Pape headed: "TSX Faces Downward Pressures". In the article, which appeared just a few days after the Index hit an all-time high, he warned of dangers in the commodities markets which had serious implications for Canadian stocks.

"I suggest we need to be very cautious over the next few months," he said. Downward pressures seem to be building on several fronts and we need to work our way through them before we can move into a sustained new upward phase."

How much would it have been worth to you to have read that before the TSX lost 40% of its value? And the IWB continued to warn readers of trouble ahead throughout the summer, before the collapse that began in September.

Here's what some IWB readers have said about the newsletter's handling of the financial crisis:

"During these troubling market times, I use your letters/recommendations as a research tool and it has helped to keep my portfolio healthy. I still get a good night's sleep, thanks very much to you." - Coralie B.

"Thank you for keeping all of this market mess in some perspective. My mother is 66 and had been 'freaking out' and I keep calming her down, remembering your wise words of wisdom and also quoting Warren Buffett. If people in the know such as yourself and Warren are aware of the situation then we can rest assured." - John O., Ottawa

"Thanks so much for the great work you are doing in helping us to navigate these treacherous waters." - Lyle M.

"What would we do without it?" - M.C.

Don't miss out on the great advice and guidance the IWB can offer for another minute. For only $15.95 a month, we'll send the IWB to you by internet every week (we publish 44 times a year). You can cancel any time you wish if you don't feel you're getting great value for your hard-earned money.

Place your order online now by clicking on the box at the upper left. If you prefer you may call toll-free 1-888-287-8229 to order.

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