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The Paterson Fund Package
Author(s): David Paterson

We have made special arrangements with David Paterson, one of Canada's leading mutual fund and ETF analysts, to offer his reports to our readers at a special rate.

Until now, Mr. Paterson's comprehensive analyses have been available exclusively to financial advisers but now you can have access to them through the Paterson Fund Package at a very reasonable price of only $99 a year plus tax.

Here's what you'll receive:

David Paterson's ETF Focus List.

Each quarter, Mr. Paterson conducts a thorough review of the ETF landscape, looking for the best ETFs, not only for the current environment, but also for the long term.

He considers a number of factors in his review including construction methodology, liquidity, and of course costs.

To view a recent report, click here: http://paterson-associates.com/wp- content/uploads/2014/09/2014-09-Paterson-ETF- Focus-List.pdf

David Paterson's Investment Fund Ranking Report. This comprehensive 30-page monthly report ranks the top funds in every category on a risk-adjusted basis. Looking for the top Canadian equity fund? The best foreign bond fund? Good emerging markets choices? They're all here.

Each fund is assigned a rating (strong buy, buy, hold, underperform) and you find in-depth statistical data about each. These include risk factors such as standard deviation and Sharpe ratios, correlations to key indexes, performance history, etc. You'll never make another fund purchase without consulting this list first.

To view a recent report,click here: http://paterson-associates.com/wp- content/uploads/2014/07/2014_06_PA_Ranking_Report. pdf

David Paterson's Recommended List of Investment Funds.

This in-depth quarterly report, which typically runs to about 60 pages, contains detailed descriptions and analyses of Mr. Paterson's top fund choices, including colour charts. Each review explains the fund's investment strategy, provides an analysis of the current position, and gives you key fund facts, performance details, asset mix, geographic distribution, and much more.

To view a recent report, click here: http://paterson- associates.com/wp- content/uploads/2014/05/2014-03-31-Paterson- Mutual-Fund-Recommended-List.pdf

David Paterson's Model Portfolios. In this report, Mr. Paterson offers a selection of five model portfolios for various types of investors, from conservative to growth-oriented. Each portfolio consists of seven to nine funds and includes suggested weightings for each. There is an analysis of each portfolio, technical details of the characteristics of each (e.g. probability of loss, worth and best returns, portfolio MER, etc.), a chart showing the growth of money invested in each portfolio, and much more. Many advisers use these models to create portfolios for their own clients.

Now you can use them to build your own. To see a sample portfolio, click here: http://paterson- associates.com/wp- content/uploads/2014/07/2014_06_30_Paterson_Associ ates_Model_Portfolio.pdf

David Paterson, CFA, has worked in the Canadian fund industry since 1994. In 2002, he founded his own company, Paterson & Associates, which prepares objective, unbiased analyses of mutual funds and ETFs for professional financial advisers and brokers.

These analyses are based on a unique analytical approach which focuses on identifying funds that have consistently delivered strong, risk adjusted returns on both an absolute and relative basis. Mr. Paterson has become one of the best-respected experts in this field and he is frequently quoted in the media.

Readers will find that his reports add a new dimension to the information they currently receive from our Mutual Funds/ETFs Update newsletter and our On-Line Buyer's Guide to Mutual Funds/ETFs. While there will occasionally be some differences in opinion, our approach to fund analysis is similar.

But with the Paterson Fund Package, you receive more detailed information than we currently provide, making this an essential tool for the serious investor.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you don't agree that the Paterson Fund Package is a valuable addition to your research needs we'll refund your money! If you are not completely satisfied after receiving your first month's reports, you may cancel your subscription and we'll return 100% of your payment.

Act now. To order, click on the box at the upper left of this page. Or call our Customer Service line toll-free during regular business hours Monday to Thursday. The number is 1-888-287- 8229

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