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Top investment advice that's been making very healthy profits for members since 1996

How would you like to quadruple your money on a blue-chip company in a little more than two years? Or to buy a stock and sell it two months later for a profit of 62%? Or to hold shares that have appreciated 350% in a year after already having taken half profits? Or to hear about a terrific new spinoff company from an international giant and score a 200% gain in less than a year?

Subscribers to the Internet Wealth Builder newsletter have chalked up winners like that, and more, for almost 20 years. And we're not talking about speculative penny stocks here. Most of these winners are big, well-established companies.

No, not every stock we recommend pays off. We have our setbacks as well. But we'll match our success record against anybody in the business. Take a look at some of our recent results:

PIMCO Income Opportunity Fund SOLD Oct, 2014 at 26% profit
Walt Disney Corporation HOLD Oct, 2014 at 142% profit
Diageo PLC HOLD Oct, 2014 at 34% profit
iShares U.S. Small Cap Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) SOLD Oct, 2014 at 36% profit
National Bank SOLD Oct, 2014 at 32% profit
The Caldwell Partners International HOLD Sep, 2014 at 33% profit
McCoy Global Corporation SOLD Sep, 2014 at 89% profit
TransCanada Corp. HOLD Sep, 2014 at 80% profit
New Flyer Industries HOLD Sep, 2014 at 31% profit
Parex Resources HOLD Aug, 2014 at 161% profit
Athabasca Minerals HOLD Aug, 2014 at 370% profit
Riocan REIT HOLD Aug, 2014 at 150% profit
Baidu Inc. HOLD Aug, 2014 at 70% profit
CGI Group HOLD Aug, 2014 at 52% profit
Exco Technologies Ltd. HOLD Jul, 2014 at 165% profit
CN Rail HOLD Jul, 2014 at 470% profit
American Railcar Industries SOLD Jul, 2014 at 63% profit
Shaw Communications HOLD Jul, 2014 at 35% profit
Enghouse Systems HOLD Jun, 2014 at 287% profit
Fortis Inc. HOLD Jun, 2014 at 56% profit
Covidien Ltd. SOLD Jun, 2014 at 76% profit
Broadcom Corp. SOLD Jun, 2014 at 40% profit
Finning International SOLD May, 2014 at 81% profit
Constellation Software HOLD May, 2014 at 152% profit
Yum Brands HOLD May, 2014 at 42% profit
Kinder Morgan SOLD Mar, 2014 at 26% profit
Las Vegas Sands HOLD Feb, 2014 at 83% profit
Flowserve Corp. SOLD Jan, 2014 at 283% profit
eBay HOLD Jan, 2014 at 42% profit
Yelp SOLD Jan, 2014 at 80% profit
Boeing Co. HOLD Nov, 2013 at 52% profit
General Electric HOLD Nov, 2013 at 108% profit
Industrial Alliance HOLD Nov, 2013 at 30% profit
Boyd Group Income Fund HOLD Sep, 2013 at 373% profit
SPDR Homebuilders ETF HOLD Jul, 2013 at 43% profit
Clarion Global Real Estate Income Fund HOLD Jun, 2013 at 31% profit
Fortress Paper SOLD May, 2012 at 158% profit
iShares MSCI Hong Kong Index Fund HOLD Nov, 2010 at 91% profit

You've heard what they say about "hot tips". By the time you hear about them, everyone else has too, and the share price has doubled. But not if you read about them in the IWB.

That's because this digital-only newsletter is in your hands as soon as it is written. Published weekly, 44 times a year (every year since 1996), every issue contains up-to-the-minute information and advice on U.S. and Canadian stocks, mutual funds, bonds, interest rates, taxes, retirement planning, education savings and a lot more.

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The Team

Readers of the IWB have access to some top investment advisors. They are:

Gordon Pape. One of Canada's most respected financial authors and the nation's leading expert on mutual funds. He is the editor and publisher of the IWB. Each issue contains his personal views on the stock markets and major economic events, along with his top investment picks. The Riocan winner was his selection, as was Cresud.

Tom Slee. A veteran money manager and market observer, he established himself as a favourite among IWB readers under the pen name The Canny Investor. Alimentation Couche-Tard was one of his recent winners and his selection of Emera has also paid off well for readers.

Glenn Rogers Glenn has held many senior positions in the publishing industry in both Canada and the U.S. and is a knowledgeable investor who monitors stock markets carefully. He was a contributing editor to the Internet Wealth Builder from 2001 to 2003 and now writes articles as a guest columnist. His Top Picks include Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Perrigo and Textainer Group.

Ryan Irvine Ryan is President of KeyStone Financial Publishing Corp., a registered financial advisor. A unique research firm, KeyStone Financial has a long track record of successfully uncovering undervalued growth and value stocks: real companies, producing real revenue and earnings growth, trading at low prices. Utilizing a GARP (growth at a reasonable price) approach, KeyStone specializes in uncovering, before the broader market, under-followed small- to mid-sized companies that are financially sound and poised for strong growth. Ryan's recent winners include Glentel and Boyd Group.

The Advantages

Speed. You receive the information immediately. As soon as it's written, the IWB is available. No more lengthy delays between the time we spot a good stock or mutual fund and the time you hear about it.

Responsiveness. We can update previous recommendations instantly, whenever the situation changes.

Follow-up. We keep track of all our recommendations and update them regularly.

Accessibility. We welcome e-mails from members and do our best to respond to them promptly, either personally or in the IWB.

Price. less than $5 an issue. Where else will you get such high quality advice at such a reasonable price? The IWB has the best content of any similar newsletter and is still the most reasonably priced weekly investment letter in Canada.

What Our Members Say

Here are a few recent unsolicited comments we've received from IWB members.

"I enjoy the information and the insight into the markets and I have made good money on some of your stock picks." - L.P.

"This has been a great newsletter with a dynamite delivery system since the git-go." - I.M.N.

"I find your newsletter very, very interesting and informative. Because of it I feel much more comfortable with any trading decisions I may make." - J.H.

"Thank you very much for the wonderful information you gave us during the last year." - F.H.

"I've enjoyed the IWB this past year. It's been an exciting time for all of us." - G.M., Victoria

"I am a modest (little money) investor and I must thank you for publishing this newsletter. I find it extremely informative and I am looking forward to building my family's portfolio. I've recommended it to several friends. I'm particularly pleased because I bought both Celestica and Conexant upon the recommendation and have seen crazy returns. I've sold part of those holdings for a tidy profit." - D.T.

"I find the IWB to be an excellent source, particularly because of Mr. Pape's objectivity, which I appreciate."- D.M.

"I have subscribed to the IWB for two years now and I find the advice to be very informative." - R.W.

"As a long-time subscriber to The MoneyLetter, I have valued the style of your comments and recommendations. The IWB is proving to be even more interesting and valuable. Keep up the innovations and the good work." - J.P.

"I think it is just first-rate and I await it each week." - C.C.

"As a member of the IWB for almost one year now, I would like to thank you for this newsletter. IWB is an excellent value." - G.S.


The Internet Wealth Builder is published on Mondays, 44 times a year. The newsletter is delivered exclusively by internet.


As a condition of subscribing, you are asked not to circulate the information to anyone outside your immediate family in any form. This is in the best interest of all subscribers.

You will also be asked to agree to a "hold harmless" clause as a condition of your subscription. The reason is simple. All our recommendations are based on the best possible research and analysis. But no one is perfect. Economic conditions can change, a company's management can goof up, and political events can have a negative impact on the fortunes of a corporation or a nation. Members must be aware of this and understand there is no such thing as a totally risk?free investment. We will identify the level of risk involved in any security we recommend, but we cannot guarantee that some of them will not decline in value. Anyone who is not prepared to accept a degree of risk should not subscribe. You should always discuss recommendations made by this or any other investment letter with your personal financial advisor before proceeding.

How to Order

Simply click on the Subscribe button. Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard or by personal cheque/money order. If you wish to pay by credit card, your order will be processed using the services of Internet Secure, a company that specializes in guaranteeing the confidentiality of transactions made through the Internet. If you wish to pay by personal cheque/money order, just call us to make arrangements at 1-888-287-8229.

You may also order by credit card through our toll-free number: 1-888-287-8229

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Gordon Pape

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